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Types of snow guards

Types of snow guards

Types of snow stops

The choice of system for detention of snow mass depends on the place of installation, the angle of inclination (more than 60 degrees it is not required), the roof material.

  1. Tubular - designed for low buildings, from 1 to 5 floors. The most popular type of construction is a long tube with a diameter of 3 cm, inserted into the triangular brackets mounted on the roof with screws. Installed at a distance of 35 - 50 cm from the edge of the eaves, with a slope length of not more than 8 meters, the excess of this value requires them to reinforce additional devices.
  2. Lattice - systems used in high buildings and industrial facilities, as well as on the low private houses with a roof of natural tiles. Their peculiarity is the versatility of attachment - in addition to the standard nailing, they can be hung.
  3. Plate (angle) - similar to the tubular design and set them in the same way as the metal roof, but less effective, since they are not designed for heavy loads and require a slope angle of not more than 30 degrees.
  4. Point - plastic or iron small blocks, used on a soft roof or as an aid to other structures. According to construction standards, the angle of slope in his coverage of soft roof should not exceed 15 degrees, so huge blocks of snow can not descend. Consequently, the need for a reinforced system is not, you can get by with a few single elements, distributed on the slope.
  5. The first three types are made only of galvanized steel with anti-corrosion coating. Their color scheme matches the shades produced by manufacturers of roofs, but if necessary, they can be painted. Point snow stops come in metal and plastic, in different shades, even transparent. Our industrial climbers will quickly and efficiently install snow guards on the roof. We provide services for installation of various types of snow guards at an affordable price.

Detailed information on how snow stops are installed, prices for materials and all types of work can be found on the pages of our catalog.